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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is gaining momentum across the country and in Michigan.  Unlike a traditional divorce, which is often adversarial in nature, Collaborative Divorce is a goal-oriented method in which the parties agree, in a broad sense, on how their divorce should play out (e.g., a custody and parenting time plan that is in the children’s best interests, a fair division of property and debt, etc.).

Collaborative Divorce involves both parties hiring attorneys who received special training in the Collaborative method, as well as similarly trained professionals such as mental health professionals and financial planning experts and exploring, as a team, how to best achieve the party’s goals.  This process usually occurs prior to filing for divorce, so the court plays little or no role in the outcome or the timing of the process.

The Michigan Legislature recently enacted the Uniform Collaborative Law Act, which should help promote this excellent alternative to traditional divorce litigation.

For more information on Collaborative Divorce, please visit the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) website at or the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan (CPIM) at or simply call us at (248) 290-0515



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